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the Phyzok story

shooting for the moon

In a span of a decade, Phyzok has emerged as one of India’s most innovative and disruptive ed-media tech companies - a reputation earned after years of dedicated research and experimentation. We’ve worked towards optimizing various aspects of learning - creating engaging content, enabling flipped/blended learning, mobile learning and even gamification.


All of this is made possible by our team - a fine blend of subject experts, musicians, comedians, story-tellers, wordsmiths, artists and visualizers - all of whom display two key characteristics : one, a fantastic problem-solving mind and two, a strong desire to deliver quality education to anyone who wants to learn.


We at Phyzok strive to deliver educational products that are simple,

built on ideas that are inspiring,

designed by teams that are creative,

for projects that are impactful.

Products that are


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